With the return of the leader, all members of this legendary girl group are active in the entertainment industry

Wonder Girls

In particular, Sun-ye was the member whose recent status fans are greatly curious about, including her marriage and childrearing life. As she recently returned to some domestic entertainment programs, fans are hoping for a reunion of Wonder Girls.

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Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 and reigned as a popular girl group with the best hits such as “Irony,” “Tell Me,” “So Hot,” and “Nobody.”

However, leader Sun-ye got married to missionary James Park at the age of 24 in 2013, withdrew from Wonder Girls and stopped working in the entertainment industry.

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Following Sun-ye, So-hee also left the team in 2015. Sun-ye then re-joined the team and promoted as a four-member group before the team disbanded in 2017.


Member Sun-mi is working as a solo singer, So-hee (Ahn So-hee) as an actor, Yeeun as singer HA:FELT while Hye-rim and Yu-bin are walking on their own paths, appearing in entertainment programs.


Meanwhile, Sun-ye returned as a singer by appearing on tvN’s entertainment program “Mama the Idol.”

Park Jin-young also sends his infinite trust and support the mother Sun-ye, who has moved to Canada and is raising three daughters.

엄마는 아이돌

Sun-mi, who reunited with Sun-ye through the program, also showed off their long-run friendship by releasing affectionate photos through her Instagram.


“Mama the Idol” succeeded in re-debuting a girl group called Mamadol makes of former idols. Sun-ye, who recalled memories of fans who loved Wonder Girls, made her debut with Ga-hee, Park Jung-ah, Byul, Hyun Ju-ni, and Yang Eun-ji.

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls’ activities were completed with the 2017 good-bye song “Draw Me.” The members then have conveyed their longing for the love of Wonder Girls fans through social media.

Now that all Wonder Girls members are active in the entertainment industry with Sun-ye‘s return, attention is being paid to whether the entire group will be able to unite again on air.

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