“Nothing less than a princess” ‘Young & Rich’ Jang Won-young eating brunch at a luxury hotel

Jang Won-young, a former member of IZ*ONE updated her current state.

On her 10th day, Jang Won-young posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Brunch always makes me happy”.

In the photo, the female idol was enjoying brunch at a luxury hotel overlooking the city at a glance. With half-tied long hair and sassy outfits, she was nothing less than a princess.

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18-year-old Jang Won-young, with still baby-like skin, enjoyed the happiness of ‘Young and Rich’ with beauty, youth, and carefreeness. Fans commented with their affection such as “You’re so pretty”, “You make me happy”, and “Such a perfect child.”

Meanwhile, the female idol made her debut as a member of her girl group Iz*One by winning first place on Mnet’s show Produce 48’ in 2018. After she finished her official activities for about two years and six months in April, she has been engaged in several activities, including photoshoots.

Source: dispatch

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