This year’s last dating rumor is about IU and Lee Jong Suk

Singer IU and actor Lee Jong Suk are reportedly in a romantic relationship.

On December 31st, Dispatch exclusively reported that IU and Lee Jong Suk spent a date on Christmas together.

lee jong suk iu dating

According to the report, the two quietly enjoyed the Christmas holiday for two nights and three days at the top resort Amanemu in Nagoya Japan.

On December 20th, Lee Jong Suk left for Osaka first to carry out his fanmeeting. IU flew to Nagoya on December 24th.

lee jong suk iu dating

Lee Jong Suk came to Nagoya after finishing his fanmeeting, and IU visited Nagoya with her younger brother. 

Lee Jong Suk prepared the Christmas trip alone without his manager knowing. According to an acquaintance, the actor personally booked the hotel and applied for a pickup service. 

After the trip, the two returned to Korea separately. IU flew from Nagoya, while Lee Jong Suk boarded a flight to Korea from Tokyo.

lee jong suk iu dating

Although the couple booked separate flights to avoid attention, they were caught wearing couple glasses and using similar bags.

Lee Jong Suk enjoyed his date with IU despite his busy schedule in three different cities in Japan from the 20th to the 27th of December and even took good care of IU’s younger brother.

lee jong suk iu dating

An acquaintance of the two shared, “The two’s families already know about their romantic relationship”, adding “IU sang a wedding song at the wedding of Lee Young Suk’s younger brother, and Lee Jong Suk invited IU’s younger brother on their Christmas trip”.

Also, another acquaintance of IU said, “The two have positive influences on each other. It’s been four months since they became lovers”.

IU Blue Dragon

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk received Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards held on December 30th. Delivering his acceptance speech, the actor said, “I really want to take this opportunity to convey what I want to tell that person”, adding, “I want to say that I’ve liked that person for a very long time and I respect them a lot.”

lee jong suk 2022 mbc drama awards

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