Only Taeyang Remains Scandal-Free In Big Bang, G-Dragon Put An End To A Legendary Group

The only member free of scandals is Taeyang.

After G-Dragon was revealed to be booked without detention for drug uses, the topic “4 Out Of 5 Big Bang Members Are Related To Drugs” has climbed to the top of the hot search list of China’s most popular social media platform Weibo.

The four members mentioned in the hot search topic are G-Dragon, Seungri, Daesung and T.O.P.

Big Bang member Taeyang and his wife Min Hyo-ri got married in 2018 and have a son together. Throughout his career, the singer has not had any scandals. Taeyang is currently continuing to pursue his music path.

Noticeably the reason Chinese netizens mention Daesung is because in 2019 Daesung was suspected of being involved in tax evasion activities, illegal activities and distributing banned substances inside the building he owned. However, after investigation, the police announced that Daesung was not involved in illegal activities in the building.

G-Dragon said in a past interview on JTBC’s program “Newsroom,” “I’m a little like a mutation in Korean sentiment,” adding, “Many people my age and younger dream of a breakaway and feel satisfied with themselves when looking up to me. Those are one of my charms,” he said, explaining his past remark “I think I might negatively affect teenagers. Still, I believe in the power of music.“ The singer revealed his values with a clear tone.

That G-Dragon we all loved was gone. He has destroyed his own career with drugs. Fans are expressing disappointment and anger, leaving comments such as “He was once everything for me, I’m sad to see him fall like this,” “Thank you for making my memories from high school to my 20s, and let’s never see each other again,” “I’m ashamed to say I was a G-Dragon fan,” and “I hope you live properly in the future because you still have remaining fans.” Fans’ anticipation for Big Bang’s comeback has also disappeared.

Big Bang was a group that opened a new era of K-pop. Their fashion as well as music became hot topics whenever they made a comeback. Each member has become an icon beyond a musician. However, G-Dragon’s drug scandal has marked the fall of Big Bang. Daesung recently started his activities again with variety shows, but the public’s response is cold. T.O.P. announced his departure. And not to mention Seungri and his crime. 

Big Bang was considered a game changer in the history of Korean pop culture, but they left the public disappointed.

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