After Cyworld was restored, a female celebrity was certified as “natural beauty”

On September 5th, famous actor Yoo Ah In released several playful past photos on Instagram along with the caption, “Uhm Hong Sik’s Cyworld has been restored.” Uhm Hong Sik is Yoo Ah In’s real name. 

In addition, back in May, actress Kim Go Eun also posted various photos of herself in the past, including some during her school days with the caption, “Cyworld restoration”. 

And on September 8th, another celebrity followed the trend, publishing photos of herself during her Cyworld time. 

This celebrity is none other than Jeon So Min, who is active in dramas, movies, as well as entertainment shows. 

In particular, Jeon So Min uploaded various photos of herself between 2005 and 2012, all with the caption “Cyworld”.

In one picture, Jeon So Min can be boasting her big eyes, tall nose, and fair skin while wearing a hat, exuding a completely natural cuteness. 

Another photo captured Jeon So Min as she was putting on makeup, with doll-like features shining through the screen. 

The actress also seems to have been fond of emotional writings, and would add saying like, “The cricket keeps saying the same thing. He repeats and forgets what he said again and again. He does it again and again without getting tired. The confession of love, the love, and the life of each day. We all do the same without getting tired.”

Seeing the pictures, netizens showed enthusiastic reactions to Jeon So Min’s appearance, which has been lovely since she was young. Comments like “Natural beauty”, “You don’t age at all”, and “You are so pretty” can be seen filling up.

Meanwhile, Jeon So Min was born in 1986 and is 37 years old this year. The actress made her acting debut with the MBC drama “Miracle” (literal translation) in 2004, before gaining attention via the 2008 series “East of Eden”.

She recently played a leading role in the JTBC’s dark comedy series “Cleaning Up”, and is a fixed cast member of the hit SBS variety show “Running Man”.

Source: insight

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