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Taeyeon “I can barely eat ramen once a year. It’s too heavy”… Pungja and Kim Min Kyung “astonishment”

“Amazing Saturday” Taeyeon revealed that she rarely eats ramen. 

On the Jan 14th broadcast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday“, comedian Kim Min Kyung and broadcaster Pungja, who are appearing on tvN’s entertainment show “Exceeding of Limit”, visited the studio.

On this day, “Amazing Saturday” members, Kim Min Kyung and Pungja played the ramen name guessing game for chestnut latte.


Pungja, who won chestnut latte after answering correctly, admired the taste of chestnut latte, saying, “If I get one more question right, will you give me another cup?” Key caused laughter as he added, “Let’s just give her that thermos bottle.

Afterwards, MC Boom said, “This may be the most unfavorable game for Taeyeon.” Taeyeon surprised Pungja, Kim Min Kyung and other members by confessing, “I can barely eat ramen once a year.


When asked “Why don’t you eat ramen?“, Taeyeon replied, “It’s too heavy…” Pungja made everyone laugh by adding an expression meaning that she could not understand, “Is ramen heavy?

Upon hearing this, Kim Dong Hyun shared, “I’m also weak at ramen quizzes (because I don’t usually eat ramen).” Boom said, “I saw you eat 4 packages of ramen at the get-together last time.” In response, Kim Dong Hyun explained, “That’s all the ramen I ate that year.

“Amazing Saturday” airs every Saturday at 7:30 PM.

Source: Daum

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