Unexpectedly cute meanings behind the stage names of “Street Woman Fighter” dancers

Mnet's show "Street Woman Fighter" has attracted great attention from the viewers for showing off the charisma of the top female dancers in Korea.

After appearing on the show, the popularity of the dancers has been increasing day by day. In particular, their names are called out on the weekly real-time trending posts on various online communities and SNS sites.

Unexpectedly cute meanings behind the stage names of "Street Woman Fighter" dancers

It can be noticed easily that most dancers use stage names instead of their real names. Some stage names such as Monika, Honey J, Lip J, Rihey, etc., have left strong impressions on the audiences.

A netizen had collected all the dancers’ stage names and made a post that has become a hot topic. It turns out that the meanings behind the dancers’ stage names are cuter than we thought.

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First of all, this is Monika of PROWDMON, who appeared on every real-time trending post. The stage name “Monika” is named after actress Monica Bellucci may be because two of them look alike. In addition, Lip J chose this name just because she thought her lips looked pretty.

K-Day” is a combination of the dancer’s real name, Kang Da Young, and “Day”, which literally means “day”. The dancer chose this name just to say “It’s Kang Da Young’s day

Moreover, many other dancers named their stage names based on their real names. For example, HOLLYBANG Honey J = Jeong Ha Nee; CocaNButter Rihey = Lee Hye In, Zsun = Kim Ji Sun; YGX Lee Jung = Lee Lee Jung, Yell = Kim Ye Ri; LACHICA Shimizu = Shim Hee Jung.

Unexpectedly cute meanings behind the stage names of "Street Woman Fighter" dancers

On the other hand, some of the dancers picked their names related to height. LACHICA Peanut‘s name means she is as tall as a peanut and HOOK Aiki means “the height of a baby” (in Korean, “a-i” means “baby” and “ki” means “height”)

The most surprising name is the stage name of LACHICA Gabi. Most people think it’s an English name. However, it turned out that the name was created based on Chinese characters: Good thing 佳 (joeul GA) and ruling the rain 庀 (daseulil BI)

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Meanwhile, “Street Woman Fighter” recorded the highest rating of 3.2% on September 7 and ranked first on the category of 15-39 men and women audience.

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