MONSTA X to make a comeback this April, album production is in progress

MONSTA X announced their comeback plan in April.


According to donga.com’s report on March 23rd, MONSTA X confirmed its comeback in April and revealed that the group is in the middle of album production. MONSTA X will release a new album in Korea 5 months after “NO LIMIT”, which was released on November 19th last year. MONSTA X, which has been focused on individual activities, such as solo albums, radios, variety shows and dramas, plans to show a new appearance ahead of their world tour from May to June.

In particular, fans are raising high expectations for the members’ self-composed songs. Joo-heon, who participated in making a title song for the first time with “GAMBLER” in the mini-album “One Of A Kind” released in June last year, also produced the title track “Rush Hour” in “NO LIMIT”.


Not only Joo-heon but other members, Hyung-won and I.M, have also shown amazing producing skills by releasing their self-produced songs in each album. Ki-hyun also challenged writing lyrics for the track “COMMA” in his first solo album “VOYAGER”, which was released recently on March 15th. This has stimulated fans’ curiosity about what kind of songs MONSTA X, which has unveiled various music worlds, will perform in their new album.

Meanwhile, leader Shownu enlisted in the military in July last year and is currently fulfilling his military duty. Therefore, MONSTA X is carrying out promotion activities with a five-member system. 

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