Lee Hyori feeks guilty when singing hit song “10 Minutes” in her mid-40s?

On the tvN program “The Dancing Wanderers”, Lee Hyori confessed that she feels guilty when singing “10 Minutes”.

On the 22nd, a preview video titled “Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, BoA, Hwasa! No exceptions for veteran performers! The first unexpected stage’ was released by the production team of “The Dancing Wanderers”


Here, BoA mentioned to Lee Hyori, “When I think about it, I’ve always been by your side”, referring to the time when they were active together, expressing a special connection. Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwa also reminisced and said, “You were such a baby. I’m tearing up too,” and Kim Wan Sun playfully teased the members, saying, “Why are you all so teary-eyed?” 

At the same time, Lee Hyori added to the sentimentality by saying, “Each of us is a page of our youth.”


In the same video, Lee Hyori smiled elegantly and mentioned her hit song, “10 Minutes”, saying, “When I try to sing ’10 Minutes’ again in my mid-40s, I feel a lot of guilt.” When Kim Wan Sun suggested thinking of it as a single, Uhm Jung Hwa recalled Lee Hyori’s tremendous popularity, saying, “There were several fights because men couldn’t meet Hyori”.

To this, Lee Hyori coolly responded, “Then what should I do? The winner is Lee Sang Soon,” referring to her husband.


The members’ preparations for a guerrilla performance at the Naval Academy were also revealed. Lee Hyori confidently stated, “Whether it’s a hundred or ten thousand audiences, it doesn’t matter at all,” while Hwasa expressed her preference for spontaneous performances, saying, “I like impromptu performances better.”

Meanwhile, “The Dancing Wanderers” is a program that follows the nationwide concert tour stories of Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, BoA, and Hwasa. The first episode will air on May 25th at 10:30 PM (KST).

Source: Nate

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