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“I even called the police”, a famous girl group revealed shocking honest stories of members 

The 10-year-old girl group recently appeared on the October 5th episode of “Weekly Idol”, where they unveiled all sorts of wild anecdotes across their careers. 

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In particular, on this day’s broadcast, when the MCs asked, “Is there any member who bothered you the most during your break?”, Solji answered, Hyelin disappeared after drinking alcohol, so I looked for her all night and even called the police.”

weekly idol exid

The female idol then explained that after drinking with Hyelin at her house, Solji called a chauffeur since Hyelin was drunk. However, Hyelin didn’t get into the car, so she ended up searching for her groupmate all night and eventually reporting to the police.

weekly idol exid

Embarrassed, Hyelin explained, “I just took a taxi home and the police came to my house the next day. I thought I left my cell phone at Solji’s place the next day, so I tried to find it, but I couldn’t remember her home address.”

Hearing the absurd episode, Elly drew laughter by saying, “Excessive drinking causes accidents.”

weekly idol exid

The MCs then asked the next question, “If you live in a dorm again, is there any member you would like to be roommates with?”

This time, Elly chose member Hani, saying,Hani is thoroughly prepared, so even if I don’t bring anything, she has everything I need.”

weekly idol exid

Solji replied, “Hani even carries snacks prepared for each member’s taste.”

In response, Ellie revealed, “I stole that snack from the waiting room,” and made the studio burst into a sea of ​​laughter.

Jeonghwa also provoked laughter by adding, “One day, when Hani went to the filming set, there was a ‘Do not steal’ paper attached to the tea table.”

Before the members revealed the full story, Hani apologized, saying, “I thought it was being thrown away, so I took it because it was a waste, but I didn’t know.”

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