The ironic situation in which only female stars’ tattoos become controversial

Many people want to copy the tattoos of male celebs, but why do they raise controversies over female stars' tattoos?

Nana, an actress and former member of the girl group After School, revealed her full-body tattoos when wearing a mini dress at a production presentation event in September. While netizens raised speculations on whether her tattoos were real or not, Nana explained, “I got the tattoos because I wanted to do it”.

Later, another heated debate over whether Nana’s tattoos were appropriate was raised. Some said Nana’s innocent image had been damaged by the tattoos, while others had expectations for Nana’s further transformations as an actress in the future. There were also personal attacks resulting from predictions about the actress’s private life based on her tattoos.

Last month, actress Moon Ga-young also made headlines with her back tattoo when appearing at an awards ceremony. When fans were confused about whether it was a real tattoo, the actress answered an interview, saying “I actually have one tattoo”. She explained that the tattoo is a painting of an archaeopteryx, which expresses a conception dream. 

Not just one or two people, but numerous female celebrities, including actresses Han So-hee, Gong Hyo-jin, Han Ye-seul, Son Dam-bi, and singer Baek Ye-rin, also had tattoos. However, although tattoos have become so popular nowadays, the public’s cold gaze is always on the tattoos of female stars only.

On the other hand, having tattoos is not a problem for male stars, for example, Cha Seung-won, Ryu Seung-beom, So Ji-sub, Kwon Jung-yeol, Zico, Park Jae-beom and BTS Jungkook, whether they are movie and melodrama actors or ballad singers. A tattooist said on a Youtube broadcast, saying “Many people want to have the tattoos of male celebrities”. It seems like male stars’ tattoos are not considered unpleasant in the public’s eyes but are recognized as fashion items. 

In fact, the tattoos of female stars are being focused and zoomed in, while male celebs’ tattoos are automatically blurred.

These conflicting reactions seem to have resulted from the “flower-like actress” frame that people have made for actresses since before. Just like how viewers expect actors to perform charismatic action scenes and transform into cool characters, like killers, actresses in the public’s eyes are like ‘flowers’ who only wear dresses and look pure and elegant. Not just tattoos, a lot of issues related to female stars, including “no bra” or losing and gaining weight, are recognized as thorns that need cutting to preserve the beauty of “flowers”, not their unique scents. There are actually all kinds of flowers and each flower has its own “individualities”, such as the strength to fight against the sun, a tough spirit to win bad weather, etc. From this point of view, it’s nothing wrong if actresses have tattoos or shave their heads. 

Source: Daum

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