Gorgeous Kpop idols hit the red carpet at K Global Heart Dream Awards 

Fans grow super enthusiastic at the stunning visuals at this awards ceremony. 

The 2022 K Global Heart Dream Awards was held on August 25th at Jamsil Student’s Gymnasium, and attracted various famous Kpop groups. 

Here, LE SSERAFIM appeared in feminine mini dresses, combined with youthful accessories like caps and sneakers. However, fans were not pleased, as each member wears a completely different color and style, and doesn’t look like a group at all. 

On the other hand, ITZY attended with a 4-member line up, with Chaeryeong missing due to health reasons. The group flaunts black and white outfits that exude an energetic vibe, and their trendy sneakers also draw attention. 

The 7-year-old “rookiesVIVIZ did not disappoint, with stunning hair styles, clothes, and accessories that match each member’s personality. In addition, SinB’s interaction with ITZY Ryujin also drew attention, as netizens were shocked at the female idol’s large social circle. 

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl and Kep1er also managed to make a deep impression with their appearances

Male Kpop artists, while not as varied in style, also got fans excited with their dashing suits. Former Wanna One member Kang Daniel, for example, became a hot topic with his remarkable physique. 

TXT was a complete contrast from Kang Daniel, as the famous boy group were dressed in chic white suits and black gloves. Meanwhile, 3 members of NCT Dream – Jaemin, Renjun, and Jisung, also impressed with their formal attire. 

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