NMIXX Haewon Shared Her Thoughts on NMIXX’s Music

NMIXX Haewon recently took to Bubble to express her emotions about the group’s music.

As an avid social media user, Haewon seemingly monitors various comments and feedback surrounding NMIXX’s experimental music. Despite the expected praise, she seems to be aware that there may also be negative remarks. As a leader, Haewon understands her responsibilities and shares her gratitude for fans’ support.

NMIXX Haewon

Recently, on Bubble, Haewon candidly shared her sentiments through messages as follows: “Other artists’ music is really good. But anyway ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you so much for liking NMIXX’s music”.

Fans believe Haewon’s expressions were filled with gratitude for those who have appreciated NMIXX’s music since their debut despite the mixed reviews to the group’s title tracks with the MIXXPOP genre that are often considered public-unfriendly compared to chart-topping songs by other artists, especially girl groups from the same 4th generation. This showcases Haewon’s humility and genuine gratitude towards the fans.

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