Kim Kyung joined the cast of “A Good Day to be a Dog”… Anticipating close chemistry with Lee Hyunwoo

Actress Kim Yi-kyung turns into a mysterious high school girl in upcoming drama “A Good Day to be a Dog”. 

Actor Kim Yi-kyung has confirmed her appearance in the new drama “A Good Day to be A Dog” raising expectations among drama fans and the webtoon enthusiasts.

A Good Day to be a Dog

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the drama “A Good Day to be A Dog” is a fantasy romance series in which a woman who is cursed to turn into a dog whenever she kisses a man and the man capable of breaking the curse is terrified of dogs. Cha Eun-woo, Lee Hyun-woo, and Park Kyu-young have emerged as a hot topic after confirming their appearances one after another.

cha eun woo

Kim Yi-kyung takes on the role of Min Ji-ah, a mysterious high school girl who has the ability to see through the past, present, and future. A mysterious transfer student, she dreams of becoming a brave shaman with the capability to dominate an era with her divine virtue. However, even this is not according to her will.

In particular, Kim Yi-kyung is expected to show a unique and perfect chemistry with Lee Hyun-woo, a teacher whom she is closely intertwined in the drama.

kim yi kyung

In response, Kim Yi-kyung said, “I couldn’t believe that I was cast in the original webtoon ‘A Good Day to be A Dog’ which I usually enjoy, and on the other hand, I feel pressured to do well. I’ll do my best to put on a good performance. Thank you to the director for giving me a good opportunity. I will practice hard and give joy to the viewers”, said the actress. 

kim yi kyung

In overview, Kim Yi-kyung is a confident emerging actress who is steadily expanding herself through various works such as “My Fuxxxxx Romance”, “Sweet Home”, “Youth of May” and “Young Lady and Gentleman”. Actress Kim drew attention for her expressive face and immersive acting. Attention is directed to her future performance in the new drama “A Good Day to be A Dog”.

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