NMIXX faces unpleasant accident during “K-909” recording ahead of comeback, “Fire broke out, drone stuck in Kyujin’s hair”

JYP Entertainment’s girl group NMIXX suffered a fire accident during the recording for JTBC’s music program “K-909”.

On July 10th, netizens and fans who participated in the pre-recording of NMIXX’s appearance on “K-909” revealed the stories about a fire accident that happened to the girl group. They said, “I’ve never seen anything like this in previous recordings. A fire broke out on the stage and some people in the audience collapsed. A drone got tangled in the hair of the youngest member (Kyujin). I was very shocked and scared”, “The filming set was pretty but it seems to have been set up incorrectly so a small fire broke out. However, the staff did not evacuate the audience properly and someone collapsed. They apologized later but didn’t let us go out of the recording studio”, etc.

gyujing nmixx

After more reviews about the pre-recording were posted, JTBC made an official statement on July 11th, saying “The pink muhly used as a stage prop during the recording caught fire. Noticing the fire, we evacuated NMIXX from the stage and the fire was suppressed with fire extinguishers. After ventilating the recording site, we checked if any audience wanted to leave but received no requests, so we continued to proceed with the recording after various necessary adjustments”.


They added, “When a drone was slightly stuck into the hair of NMIXX member Kyujin, we immediately stopped the filming to check her condition. After confirming that there were no abnormalities with the members, we continued filming. No one got injured in the accident.”

JTBC’s “K-909” is a music program that has been hosted by BoA since September last year. 

Meanwhile, NMIXX will officially make a comeback after releasing their third single “A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream” on July 11th.

Source: Wikitree

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