YG Group’s Chaotic Airport Situation Scares the Media, “We’ll All Die” 

Even Korean media shows clear helplessness amid the chaotic situation at the airport this YG group returns. 

Recently, TREASURE – YG’s first group after BLACKPINK, returned to Korea via Gimpo Airport after finishing a concert in Japan. However, the chaotic situation at the airport, with many unruly fans causing disorder, has made even the Korean media fearful.

In particular, the Korean newsite Osen published an article with the title, “‘If this continues, we will all die’ – Amidst the chaotic TREASURE fans.”

Many fans present caused chaos at the airport
The security team had a hard time ensuring safety for TREASURE
The dramatic OSEN article 

Chaos at the airport often happens when famous idols appear. Just yesterday, Rosé (BLACKPINK) couldn’t hide her panic when fans fell due to pushing at the airport.

Or most recently, on the morning of February 26, Jisoo also faced great difficulty while moving at the airport. She had to stop at least twice and couldn’t help but feel anxious as fans kept falling. The international online community expressed indignation and believed that fans present at the airport should remain calm to avoid harming idols as well as those around them.

rose blalckpink
Rosé (BLACKPINK) panicked when fans fell at the airport
Jisoo had to stop because fans fell due to the chaotic situation at the airport on February 26

Source: K14

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