Nichkhun plays R-rated bed scene: even more erotic than Jennie’s ‘The Idol’?

“The Modelizer”, which stars 2PM Nichkhun, has been making headlines for the male idol’s R-rated bed scene.

The movie “The Modelizer”, which was released in North America on July 14th of last month, has been the talk of town due to 2PM Nichkhun’s R-rated bed scene. Now, a recent trailer for the film has been unveiled.

The Modelizer

In particular, “The Modelizer” tells the story of a Hong Kong tycoon, Shawn Koo, who meets a model named Camila with opposite values and discovers the true meaning of love. In the movie, Nichkhun takes on the role of Shawn’s best friend, “Bucky”.

However, what garnered even more attention than the movie itself was the actors’ R-rated bed scene. This is especially surprising considering that Nichkhun was previously known as the “Thai Prince” in South Korea and was popular among older female fans, making his bold transformation in this film both fresh and shocking.

In the new trailer, Nichkhun can be seen half-naked as he engages in intimate scenes with an actress. The depiction of a sexual encounter with passionate kissing left a strong impression.

Another scene portrays Nichkhun having dinner with beautiful models by the side of his Hong Kong tycoon friend. Notably, he caught attention for holding a bundle of money.

The Modelizer

Netizens who saw the trailer have expressed their shock, leaving comments such as, “I can’t believe Nichkhun appeared in such a movie”, “This is completely different from the image we knew”, “The beast-like idol didn’t go anywhere”, “I was taken aback”, “It seems even more erotic than Jennie’s ‘The Idol'”, “I wish he appeared in domestic productions as well”, and so on.

On the other hand, Nichkhun, who is originally from Thailand, made his debut in 2008 as a member of the JYP Entertainment boy group 2PM. Aside from “The Modelizer”, Nichkhun has been actively involved in various movies and dramas such as “One and a Half Summer”, “Ouran High School Host Club”, “Seven Something”, “Brother of the Year”, and is continuing to showcase his active acting career.

Source: Wikitree

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