NewJeans’ Stage At 2023 MMA Face Lip-Sync Accusations 

Despite delivering 6 songs at the 2023 MMA, NewJeans received mixed attention and lip-sync accusations

On December 2, the 2023 MelOn Music Awards 2023 (hereinafter referred to as MMA) officially took place with the participation of various remarkable artists such as NewJeans, IVE, aespa, SHINee, NCT Dream, RIIZE, and so on. Not only was there a magnificent red carpet, but the MMA performance lineup was also highly anticipated. Particularly, after winning 2 Daesangs at MAMA 2023, NewJeans is considered a prominent name and one of the most anticipated among the new generation of idols.

NewJeans on the red carpet at MMA 2023

At MMA 2023, NewJeans delivered a new remix version for their EP “Get Up”. For the first time, the girl group performed all 6 tracks of “Get Up”, including “New Jeans,” “Super Shy,” “Cool With You,” “ETA,” “ASAP,” and “Get Up,” for 12 consecutive minutes. In their characteristic Y2K outfits, NewJeans danced and sang throughout the entire set.

Danielle’s performance in “Super Shy” received mixed opinions
NewJeans’ choreography for “ETA”

However, NewJeans’ performances are said to be extremely rushed and incohesive, and at times, the audio doesn’t match the members’ singing, leading to speculations that the group are “overusing” lip-syncing. 

Moreover, NewJeans’ stage outfits at the 2023 MMA failed to highlight the members’ figures, and are considered ill-fitted for their performances. At the same time, the new choreography for most of NewJeans’ set are said to be messy and unimpressive, with underwhelming facial expressions. 

As a result of all these elements, many netizens have harshly demeaned NewJeans’ 2023 MMA stage, and even heavily criticized the girl group for alleged lip-syncing.  

In response to the issue of NewJeans’ stage not syncing with the music, however, the organizer of the 2023 MMA explained that there was a delay in the sound system at the shooting location. Netizen opinions. This explanation, however, was unable to satisfy many audiences. 

On the other hand, many fans are defending NewJeans, claiming that the girl group did sang instead of lip-synced throughout their sets. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I don’t enjoy their choreography at all, and they lip-synced from start to finish. 
  • There’s just nothing memorable about NewJeans’ set 
  • I cannot stand the stage outfits, and there’s no cohesion throughout NewJeans’ set at all 
  • The facial expressions is a bit bland 
  • NewJeans’ choreographies have too many small hand and foot movements, making it look messy, and the performance include little “wow” factor
  • I don’t think they lip-synced, the backtrack is just really loud 
  • Considering they have to practice new choreographies and make new remixes for 6 songs, let’s not be too harsh on them
  • Why is the audio not synced…

Source: Reddit, JoyNews24, K14

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