NewJeans’ Hyein Almost Forgot To Thank Fans During Acceptance Speech But Hanni Came To The Rescue (MMA 2023)

Hanni expressed their special feelings for fans

The MELON MUSIC AWARDS (hereinafter MMA 2023) was held on the afternoon of December 2nd and broadcast live on Melon and Wavve.

At this event, following the Top 10 Bonsang award, NewJeans also received “Best Female Group.”


In their acceptance speech, Hyein said, “After we debuted, there were so many things we were so thankful for. We anre also grateful and honored to receive an award on the stage of our dreams. There are so many people who we are grateful to, our CEO, ADOR family, and hair and makeup artists who are working hard for us.”

She added, “We will continue to do our best to live up to the name of the best girl group,” and finished her acceptance speech.


At this time, Hanni suddenly added, “Oh, sorry but,” and mentioned Bunnies (their official fandom name).

Minji, who was previously in charge of the acceptance speech of their the top 10 award, expressed her affection for Bunnies, saying, “I really wanted to say it earlier,” emphasizing, “You know what we really wanted to say, right?” drawing enthusiastic cheers from fans.

Source: daum

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