NewJeans Donates for the Hearing-Impaired

Girl group NewJeans has show support the hearing-impaired by making a donation with their sales proceed, two years in a row

On December 22, chairman Kim Minja of Snail of Love, along with ADOR (CEO Min Hee-jin), announced that they, together with NewJeans, have delivered sponsorship funds for the hearing-impaired.

This donation was made from a portion of the sales proceeds of NewJeans’ albums, and this marks the second donation for the hearing-impaired by ADOR and NewJeans, following the one made last year. Through this sponsorship, NewJeans has been included as the 7th member of the Snail of Love’s “Soul Leader.” The Soul Leader is an exclusive high-donor club tjat people automatically join when their accumulated donation amount exceeds 99 million won.


The donation funds will be used for projects supporting sound recovery, including artificial cochlear surgery for the hearing-impaired, external device replacement support, and language rehabilitation therapy.

Regarding the donation, ADOR and NewJeans expressed, “After last year’s sponsorship, we heard stories of families who received the gift of sound. We heard stories of hearing-impaired children who couldn’t hear singing birthday songs and hearing-impaired individuals who, due to communication difficulties, became distant from others but gained hope. We felt that giving the gift of sound is a meaningful act. We hope to continue supporting the hearing-impaired through ongoing sponsorships while reaching more people with good music.”

Source: Daum

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