The reason why Kpop idols are still favorably invited to acting despite netizens’ prejudices

Industry insiders have revealed the reason why the producers are still determined to invite Kpop idols to their movie/drama projects despite Korean netizens having a lot of prejudices against them.

 Despite contributing to the Hallyu wave spreading around the world, Kpop idols always seem to have a lower status than actors in the eyes of Korean netizens. This prejudice will be even more evident if Kpop idols change from singing and performing on stage to appearing in movie/drama projects.

 Although not all Kpop idols are bad at acting, most of them do not have much experience and even show poor performance on screen. Due to this, many Knetz are strongly against Kpop idols being often invited to acting, even cast in lead roles.

Kpop idols are still favorably invited to acting

 So what is the reason why producers and film directors are still determined to cast K-pop idols in their projects, even without hesitating to give them important roles? Is the reason mainly because of their visuals or because their fan base will contribute to the success of the movies/dramas?

 Recently, an article from Korean media from 2010 suddenly caught attention again. In the article, an industry insider stated why movies/dramas like to cast K-pop idols, even though viewers’ comments on their performance are often negative.  And while there can be many different reasons, the most important one is still… money.

 According to industry insiders, Kpop idols usually do not require too high a level of payment compared to legit actors.  A revelation from 2010 states that famous actors will often ask for up to 50 million won or double that amount for an episode.  Meanwhile, Kpop idols only ask to receive 1/10 of that amount.

 In addition, it is revealed from the article that even the unpopular rookie actors requested to receive a payment of about 7 million won per episode,or asked for more if they have a bit of a reputation. Because of this very practical reason, directors and producers like to invite Kpop idols to their projects to save more money.

Kpop idols are still favorably invited to acting

 In addition, it is undeniable that casting Kpop idols is very beneficial. Not only to save production costs, idols also have large fan base and also outstanding visuals.  For all these reasons, whether it’s the article from 10 years ago or up to now, we will still see more Kpop idols acting. 

Kpop idols are still favorably invited to acting

Sources: tinnhac

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