Kim Hyun-joong’s whereabouts after the birth of his child revealed… He was recently seen playing golf with Se7en

The recent status of singer Kim Hyun-joong has been revealed. 

On October 15th, singer Se7en posted a new photo on his personal SNS account along with the caption “‘Golf over flowers’ with handsome Hyun-joong”.

The released picture shows Kim Hyun-joong and Se7en taking a proof shot while on a broadcast hosted by Se7en. 

Kim Hyun-joong Seven

Se7en shows off his youthful appearance while Kim Hyun-joong, who recently got married, also delivered his update.

In response to their two shot, fans commented, “I miss the two in their heydays”, “This two-shot combination is so fresh”, etc.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-joong made his debut as a member of boy group SS501 in 2005 and drew attention as an actor by starring in KBS 2TV’s “Boys Over Flowers” and MBC’s “Playful Kiss”. After getting involved in various controversies, such as the legal battle related to his private life with his ex-girlfriend and a drunk driving incident, Kim Hyun-joong spent a long hiatus for self-reflection.

Kim Hyun Joong

In February this year, Kim Hyun-joong directly announced his marriage to fans at a concert. In July, 5 months after his marriage announcement, he made headlines by announcing the news of his wife’s pregnancy.

Releasing his J-pop album “Song for a dreamer” in August, Kim Hyun-joong continues to carry out various music activities. 

Source: nate

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