Nevertheless’s ending sparks controversy: A drama that glorifies bad boys and toxic relationships

The final episode of Nevertheless is causing a lot of controversy on social media, most of which are negative comments related to the male lead’s happy ending.

JTBC’s drama Nevertheless finally wrapped up after more than 2 months with extremely low ratings and countless controversies over the storyline and acting. Different from the webtoon, the drama had a happy ending for the butterfly couple Na Bi (Han So Hee) – Jae Eon (Song Kang).

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The ‘good boy’ second lead ended up alone

Immediately after the drama ended, viewers’ reactions were explosive on social media. Because the drama intentionally causes viewers to split up into 2 sides supporting the male lead and the second male lead, this ending clearly disappointed many viewers.

Viewers’ comments:

  • Innocent girls should only watch this drama for fun, don’t dream about being a female lead who can change bad boys, that is pure fantasy
  • This drama left me speechless. I can’t stand both the main characters. Is the message they want to convey is that we should have a loose lifestyle, act like an idiot, don’t be sincere with those you love because you would not get a happy ending anyway? 
  • I’m glad the two leads ended up together. They deserve each other, they would only make others suffer if they were with different ones.
  • I think this ending is fine. Although I haven’t finished watching, from my point of view, the male lead is not exactly a bad boy. Because ever since he met Na Bi, he has always focused on her
  • The poor ratings are quite deserving, this drama sucks
  • The two leads are a perfect match though, one is promiscuous, the other one doesn’t like the second lead but still acts confused??? I’m glad I skipped this drama
  • Can’t understand those who praise this drama
  • The lesson learned after this drama is “you will meet someone who is exactly like you”
  • In the end, what does this drama actually want to convey? Glorifying bad boys’ lifestyle? Sorry I only watched the 1st episode but I still want to swear at this ending
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