Netizens Are Shocked At The Real Life Visual Of The Messy-looking Bully In “Lovely Runner”

This female villain's real-life beauty caught the attention of netizens.

As the drama “Lovely Runner” is trending on social networks forums and streaming platforms, the cast’s acting and visuals also become the focus of discussion. Among the drama’s cast members, an actress’s real-life beauty is becoming a topic of discussion across the internet.

Oh Se Young takes on the role of evil girl Cho Ga Hyeon, a genuine iljin (bully), in the drama. Her messy, frazzled layered hairstyle and short bangs above her eyebrows leave a big impression on the viewers. In addition, her outdated makeup style and sassy, ​​slovenly dressing style also somewhat conceal her real beauty. Therefore, the public is surprised to find the young actress’ real-life appearance.

In the photos posted on her Instagram, Se Young shines with her gentle, elegant visual. She possesses delicate, harmonious facial features and extremely outstanding fair skin. In addition, fans are also impressed by her extremely trendy and youthful fashion sense, with items that every girl must have in her wardrobe such as blazer, thin cardigan, jeans.

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