Actress Yoo Ha Na reveals her husband doesn’t even know she had plastic surgery

Yoo Ha Na complained about her husband Lee Yong Kyu’s indifference.

In MBC’s Lunar New Year special pilot entertainment program “Miss Wife”, which will be broadcast on January 24th, actress Yoo Ha Na expressed her disappointment at husband Lee Yong Kyu’s 180-degree change after their marriage. 

Miss Wife Yoo Han na

Yoo Ha Na aroused interest by revealing an unbelievable story for the first time on TV, saying, “This is the first time I’m bringing this up…”. She went on to make a surprise confession about plastic surgery, saying “My husband is only interested in our children, so he doesn’t even know I’ve replaced fat under my eyes.”

Miss Wife Yoo Han na

Park Sung Kwang’s wife Lee Sol Yi confessed, “I think I was gaslighted by Park Sung Kwang for his appearance.” Lee Sol Yi cited his good looks as the reason for marrying Park Sung Kwang, and surprised everyone by saying that she fell for him because he looked like actor Lee Dong Wook. 

Yoon Hye Won, wife of actor Ryu Seung Soo, revealed an episode of Ryu Seung Soo’s unusual worries, saying, “My husband is the first to worry.” Yoon Hye Won said that Ryu Seung Soo was worried about thieves when they moved. He not only checked the apartment plumbing first, but also took a hygrometer when going to a restaurant with his family. It raises curiosity about why he did that. Broadcast of the full episode will be at 5:30 pm KST on January 24th.

Source: Daum. 

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