NCT’s Thai Member Ten About 10 Years In Korea, “Feeling Awkward When Younger Member Greets Without Honorifics”

The February 11th broadcast of MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” organized a special Lunar New Year performance to celebrate the Lunar New Year. 

In the first round, the two participants performed a duet with the song “All of My Life” by Park Won. Regarding Digestive Medicine, judge BMK said, “I think this person is a member in charge of singing and rap in an idol group”, adding “I think this friend is very good at performances”.

Lim Han-byul added, “I think he’s a foreigner. He sings very well but he seems to be familiar with dance songs rather than ballads”.

In the end, Digestive Medicine lost the duet battle and had to reveal his identity. After taking off the mask, the participant turned out to be Ten, the Thai member of SM’s boy group NCT. Ten showcased his sweet voice by singing “My Love” by Baekhyun.

Ten, who has 11 years of experience in Korea, said, “It was very difficult when I started living in Korea. The members helped me a lot”. Kim Sung-joo asked, “Was there any time when you felt like you’ve become a Korean?”, Ten replied, “When I became a K-ggondae (a slang referring to ‘old man’)”.

Ten confessed, “I felt awkward when younger member Mark approached me and said ‘Hi Ten’ without using honorifics”. Hearing that, Sam Hammington commented, “Being a ggondae is not a bad thing.”

Ten said, “I’m the second NCT member to prepare for solo activities”, then aroused keen attention by revealing the dance for his solo song “Nightwalker” for the first time on “King of Mask Singer”.

Ten shared, “My grandmother is a fan of SM’s senior group Super Junior”, adding “Grandmother suggested that I tried the global audition. Thanks to her, I ended up becoming an idol”. He also sent a video letter to his grandmother in Thailand.

Source: Daum

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