BEAUTYBOX – Kpop Rookie group of Thai, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese Officially Made Their Debut With “RAT-A-TAT”

Prominently, they will have the first Vietnamese idol to officially debut.

Every year, Kpop welcomes many new groups and solo singers. And with the expansion of influence globally, more and more foreign idols are coming to Korea. Most recently, the debut of the multinational girl group BEAUTYBOX attracted the attention of netizens.

BEAUTYBOX is under By-U Entertainment, based in Seoul, founded by YJB singer Yeon Jun Beom. Beauty Box has 6 members from many places, 2 Korean members, 1 Thai member, 2 members from Japan and a girl from Vietnam.

The group consists of: Sara, Rina, Gahyun, Jerin, Anh & Sori. BeautyBox started being active on June 26, 2021 on YouTube. They have made their debut in September 23, 2021 with their first single album “Beyond of BB“.

Notably, Anh is the first Vietnamese idol to officially debut. Hanbin, a competitor on the survival show I-LAND, has not yet made his official debut, but he is preparing to do so with Yuehua Entertainment. Jade from the female group A-DAILY was also Vietnamese, but she never made an official debut; she was only featured in a second version of the group’s ‘If You Don’t Tell Me’ music video, and she departed A-DAILY in 2015. Anh’s (1999) real name Tran Nguyen Tram Anh, she used to work under the stage name Cherie and tried her hand at the Z-Pop Dreams contest.

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