NCT’s Jaemin Gave Netizens “Secondhand Embarrassment” in a video with aespa

On January 3, a topic titled “Jaemin gave me secondhand embarrassment in a challenge video with aespa” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing attention. 

In the topic, a video of NCT Dream’s Jaemin and Jeno dancing to a Thai song alongside aespa’s Karina and Giselle was attached, showing all 4 idols’ excitement and having fun. As Jaemin was doing hip thrusts excitedly in the video, however, Giselle’s leg collided into him, causing him to slip and fail. 

Under the original TikTok video, most comments are positive, with people laughing on how close the idols are, and how funny Jaemin looked when he was falling. 

However, the comments from Korean netizens on Pann showed a complete contrast, calling Jaemin’s hip thrusts “vulgar” and even saying that he gave them “secondhand embarrassment”. 

Below are some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • They look like students who got drunk at 3AM on the streets. What’s the point of doing challenges like this anyway?
  • Why is he doing hip thrusts so excitedly in the presence of aespa? This is giving me secondhand embarrassment 
  • The male idols are so excited yet their fans are calling aespa all sorts of names. Seriously, this is vulgar. 
  • I’m dying with secondhand embarrassment…
  • Why is he humping so excitedly?

Meanwhile, international fans on Pann Choa reacted differently and mostly defended Jaemin, calling the video fun and harmless

Below are some comments of international fans: 

  • Didn’t he fall because of Giselle’s leg? Why are they criticizing him?
  • They are just happy and having fun but Koreans seem to have an issue with it
  • It’s not that serious at all, just a funny little video. Just let the idols have fun
  • The humping did caught me off guard, especially since there were female idols. But he can do what he like 
  • “Humping”? Was they describing a dog??

Source: Pann Choa, Pann Nate 

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