Yoo Ah-in Threatens Famous YouTuber To Change Statement About Taking Drugs With Him

Yoo Ah-in reportedly urged YouTuber Hairmon to change his statement regarding drug use and even threatened him

Prosecutors believe that Yoo Ah-in urged YouTuber Hairmon (real name Kim Woo-joon) to reverse his statement when admitting to smoking marijuana with the actor.

According to Hairmon’s statement, Yoo Ah-in talked to him on August 1st and said, “You were ensured to be clear of charges, so I guess you’re trying to resume YouTube activities after the trial. That’s a very wrong idea”, adding “You are a YouTuber whose face is widely known among the public. Even after the detention hearing, I didn’t even state that I smoked with you. I hope you think carefully about it and make a statement saying you don’t know anything”.

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Yoo Ah-in even threatened the YouTuber that he could reveal details of the investigation. He told Hairmon, “Not a single investigation has the authority to reveal details of the investigation to the media”, adding “But if I change my statement and said we smoked marijuana together, it would be published in the news. Imagine you are clear of charges and proudly make a comeback on YouTube, then an article accusing you of taking drugs with me appears, and people will criticize you for lying”.

According to Hairmon, Yoo Ah-in also said, “I hope you spend lots of time thinking about how your face would look so ugly in people’s eyes if I reveal the story”, adding “If we were ordinary people, this small case would have ended very quietly and quickly without anyone knowing. Since a lot of things can be different when going through people’s mouths, this case has been so long and tiring”.

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Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in was found to have received propofol illegally prescribed 181 times at various hospitals from September 2020 to March last year. He also got prescriptions for 1010 spelling pills in the name of others more than 40 times from July 2021 to August last year.

Regarding his technique, Yoo Ah-in gave his sister’s resident registration number to Park, the CEO of a fashion brand, and asked her to get sleeping pills by pretending to be his older sister. He also provided his father’s resident registration number to a doctor at a hospital in Gangnam, saying “I will deliver the sleeping pills to my father”. 

Yoo Ah-in’s first trial is scheduled for November 14th. The prosecution is still continuing their investigation into his drug allegations.

Source: Wikitree

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