IVE Ahn Yu-jin, Lee Young-ji, OMG Mimi in the teaser for Producer Na Youngseok’s female version of “New Journey to the West”

The teaser of Producer Na Young-seok’s new entertainment show “Bbyong Bbyong District Arcade” has been released.

On Jun 3rd, a teaser video for tvN’s “Bbongbbong District Arcade” starring comedian Lee Eun-ji, Oh My Girl Mimi, rapper Lee Young-ji and IVE Ahn Yu-jin was released.


The video started with a caption saying “The Young Wave Vibe District Arcade, created by CJ ENM., is a combination of entertainment masters of this era. Even though the beginning is minimal, the ending is grand! If you don’t watch this, you’ll regret it. Really!”.

Bbyong Bbyong District Arcade

The subtitles in question contained all the names of the cast of “Bboongbboong District Arcade,” creating a sense of humor.

Lee Young-ji then appeared, saying, “The blood on my head is not even dried yet.”

In addition, Mimi, who shows off her splendid dance skills by breaking all her joints, and Lee Eun-ji, who turned into an angry dog, were also shown in the teaser.

new journey to the west

Ahn Yoo-jin caused laughter by being greedy for a one-shot with subtle eyes despite the dissuasion of other members.

At the end of the video, Mimi was sitting on the floor while Lee Eun-ji behind her said, “Turn off the camera. Our baby is hit by reality,” she shouted, raising questions about what kind of fresh chemistry they will present.

new journey to the west

“Bbyong Bbyong District Arcade” is a new concept hybrid multiverse action-adventure variety show in which four warriors gathered to catch the moon rabbits who fled to Earth across time and space. Various games will be played against the backdrop of Thailand, creating different fun and laughter.

ive yujin

“Bbong Bbong District Arcade,” which is said to be the female version of “New Journey to the West,” will premiere at 8:50 p.m. on Jun 24th.

Source: insight

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