Male Celeb Reveals “Provocative” Photos Hugging Girlfriend, Even Shows Engagement Ring?

A male celebrity has become the talk of the town for somewhat “provocative” photos of himself hugging his girlfriend.

On the morning of February 21, famous male rapper and songwriter Big Naughty posted a photo on his Instagram story showing him hugging a woman against a wall.

In the photo, Big Naughty holds a phone in one hand and wraps his other arm around the woman’s waist as they embrace. He captured the moment of their hug with a mirror selfie. Notably, there appears to be a ring resembling an “engagement ring” on the fourth finger of Big Naughty’s left hand, which drew particular attention.

Big Naughty

Big Naughty did not leave any comments with the hug photo. He also did not disclose any details about the identity of the woman.

Regarding the photo, Big Naughty did not express any separate opinions, but many people are currently speculating that it could be a “lovestagram” with his girlfriend.

Previously, Big Naughty had several times announced that he was in a relationship with his girlfriend. He even appeared on YouTube and revealed that he was in a long-distance relationship with a woman he had been crushing on for a long time.

Meanwhile, in the past, Big Naughty received criticism related to the same girlfriend. 

big naughty

In particular, at the Tone and Music Festival 2023 held in June last year, Big Naughty suddenly left the stage during a performance and shared skinship with his girlfriend. It was reported that after leaving the stage, he went to his girlfriend and kissed her.

At that time, many people criticized Big Naughty’s attitude and behavior during the performance, expressing great disappointment.

Ultimately, Big Naughty personally apologized for his sudden behavior. He uploaded a handwritten apology letter to Instagram.

“First of all, I sincerely apologize to all the fans who support me and my music unconditionally”, the rapper wrote, adding, “I apologize sincerely for wasting the valuable time and efforts of the audience who came to watch the performance with my reckless attitude and immature actions.” 

He also expressed his sincere apologies for causing discomfort to both the audience and those who were involved in the performance and stage.

“Regarding the situation at that time, while singing an unreleased song prepared for the encore, I thoughtlessly left the stage during the instrumental part, causing discomfort to the audience and those who witnessed it, as well as the performance and stage staff. I am sincerely sorry”, Big Naughty also said, before concluding that he will reflect on how being able to stand on stage, create, and sing music is such a blessing and thanking everyone for their constant support.

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