Zheng Shuang suddenly changed her profile pic and cover photo expressed her embarrassment after declaring she could not have kids

After having the topic hashtag and dramas she starred in removed, Zheng Shuang had a confusing action in the middle of the night that confused netizens.

On the evening of August 26, Cbiz witnessed a purge in the entertainment industry with a series of scandals involving top celebrities such as Zhao Wei, Henry Huo, Zheng Shuang,… Many movies and TV series were removed simultaneously, topic hashtags and videos disappeared from social media platforms as well.

Zheng Shuang
Zheng Shuang
Zheng Shuang changed her avatar and cover photo with countless confusing messages

Amid this chaotic situation, Zheng Shuang suddenly had a noticeable move. The actress changed her Weibo profile picture and cover photo at the same time. Notably, the meaning of these two pictures makes netizens feel confused. Zheng Shuang’s profile picture has the words: “Please delete my Weibo”. Meanwhile, her cover photo is an explanation regarding many issues.

The actress denied earning a high paycheck for starring in a TV series. In February 2021, Zheng Shuang asked the tax department to check income tax, but until now, she has not received a response. Zheng Shuang is self-aware that she is a public figure as well as a commoner, who needs to have basic rights, to be protected by law, and have the right to privacy.

Zheng Shuang wrote: “I feel ashamed to declare to the entire world that I cannot have children. In China, do those who cannot give birth not have the right to have children for the rest of their lives? The two children are mine, not a tool for you to shout slogans.”

The actress added: “Regarding surrogacy being illegal, not established by consanguinity, I don’t want to hide my children. I hope that when they grow up, they will be acknowledged and get to live in a society where they are protected”.

At the end of her post, the actress hopes to receive a response from the authorities soon.

Zheng Shuang
Weibo Trinh Sang’s current avatar and cover photo are currently empty

On social media, Chinese netizens left comments: “Cbiz is already in a mess, do you still want to add more fuel?”, “I’m speechless”, “I can’t understand her”, “Please take the time to take care of your children, don’t make a fuss”,…

Following Zheng Shuang’s letter last night, her two Weibo accounts were permanently muted this morning. Her previous avatars and cover pictures have all been deleted. Sina has previously muted Zhang Han’s Weibo account in order to prevent further issues from disrupting cyberspace.

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