Lucas: Forging Ahead – Empowered by Fans, Embracing Solo Artistry

Lucas will not give up because of his fans, determined to become a solo artist and move forward!

Meeting an old close friend in Hong Kong, Lucas had the chance to reflect on the meaning of life.

Close friend: “When I first heard about what you did, I was really surprised, I couldn’t understand why you did that. But the most important thing after making a mistake is to redeem yourself. You have to know what you need to do.”


Lucas confessed: “I feel a bit sad for disappointing my friends. They can speak to me like that because we are very close and understand each other too well. But my friend is right. Now that we are grown up, we know which rules to follow. So, the most important thing is to show people that you have changed through your actions.”

“He told me that it’s true people are very greedy, but we have to control ourselves: ‘The most important thing to me is that you don’t give up. I want you to shine as you once did. Just remember, don’t make the same mistakes again. Let those mistakes make you work harder.'”


Lucas sighed: “For the first time, I realized that there are many good people around me. When preparing to go solo, for the first time, I truly felt the staff continuously helping me. I realized that they have always been there, supporting me. No matter what happens, I won’t give up halfway.”

“My manager always advises me not to overexert myself. But because of the fans and those who always cheer for me, I won’t give up. I truly miss my fans. I feel very sorry for disappointing them. That won’t happen again. I won’t do foolish things like in the past, never again. Now I’m ready. I will move forward.”

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