Jang Won-young And Ahn Yu-jin Clarified About Their Real Heights After Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Jang Won-young and Ahn Yu-Jin recently talked about their heights.

On October 21st, a video featuring idol group IVE was released on the “1TheK Original” YouTube channel.

In this video, the members introduced themselves based on their profiles. Ahn Yu-jin looked at her profile and said, “You may not believe it, but that’s right. Most people don’t believe me when I say 173cm. I’ll leave it up to your imagination. But I’m 173 centimeters tall.”

Jang Won-young also looked at her height of 173cm on her profile and explained, “Mine is the same as Yu-Jin’s.” The staff said, “Aren’t you taller?” Jang Won-young answered, “It is the same.” The members also responded, “We’lol leave it to your imagination,” and “Imagination is free,” to which Jang Won-young added again, “We always told the truth.”

Until now, rumors have been circulating through online communities that Jang Won-young and Ahn Yu-jin look 175 centimeters tall or more. Internet users responded, “How small is the size of their faces that they look taller than that?” and “I envy them because their body proportion is really unrealistic,” while some believe the idols must be taller than their profile height.

Meanwhile, IVE released the new album “I’VE MINE” on October 13th.

Sources: naver

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