Lee Yeon-bok: “BTS Jin came to my home with the same makeup on after his performance” (Along with the Gods 2)

Chef Lee Yeon-bok of “Along with the Gods 2” reveals a touching story that gives a glimpse of the warm heart of BTS member Jin. 

Channel S’s entertainment program “Along with the Gods 2,” which will air on March 4th, pre-released on Naver TV and the official Youtube channel of “Channel S” a video that features Chef Lee Yeon-bok telling a touching story between him and BTS Jin.

“Along with the Gods 2” is a customized food recommendation talk show in which 4 MCs Shin Dong-yeop, Sung Si-kyung, Park Sun-young, and Lee Yong-jin turn into “food masters” to recommend menus that will make your special day more special while sharing their stories and the flavors together.

Chef Lee Yeon-bok

In the pre-release video, Lee Yeon-bok boasted his special friendship with BTS Jin, saying, “Jin comes to our house the most. I’ve been moved by Jin about twice,” he said, revealing the touching story he felt about Jin, drawing attention.

Chef Lee Yeon-bok

Lee Yeon-bok said, “At 10 p.m., Jin suddenly called me. He said he brought delicious strawberries. I told him to come in for a while, but he only gave me the strawberries before going because he had a schedule,” Chef Lee revealed the story of how Jin came a long way even at late hours just to share delicious strawberries with him.

Chef Lee Yeon-bok

Lee Yeon-bok also revealed a heartwarming story of BTS Jin running to play with his grandson after the performance. He said, “Once, my grandson kept on poking me about when would brother Jin come. He then came as soon as his performance was over that day. He came with his apple hair still tied up and the same makeup as he was on stage. He took care of my grandson and took pictures together,” he added, drawing attention.

Chef Lee Yeon-bok

In response, Park Sun-young said, “It’s like what happens between lovers,” and Shin Dong-yeop admired, “It’s not easy.”

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