“Weak Hero Season 2” Confirms Cast And Release On Netflix Instead Of Wavve

The sequel to Wavve’s original series “Weak Hero Class 1” will premiere on Netflix

On December 4th, Netflix announced, “We confirmed the production of ‘Weak Hero Class 2’ with the cast consisting of Park Ji-hoon, Ryeoun, Choi Min-young, Yoo Soo-bin, Bae Na-ra, Lee Min-jae and Lee Joon-young”.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, “Weak Hero Class 2” continues the desperate survival and story of growth that takes place when model student Park Ji-hoon (Yeon Si-eun), who transfers to Eunjang High School with the trauma after not being able to protect his friend from violence, confronts greater violence because he cannot lose a friend again.

Park Ji-hoon will return as Si-eun with more interesting stories. He shared, “My heart is already pounding. ‘Weak Hero Class 1’ is a precious drama for me because I won my first Rookie Award as an actor thanks to it. As much as your anticipation, I will try to show a new and more mature appearance.”

“Weak Hero Class 1” successfully created great synergy between a new director and a large number of new actors. Therefore, viewers are raising expectations that “Weak Hero Class 2” will also discover new faces.

At Eunjang High School, Park Ji-hoon will meet new friends. These new characters will be played by young actors who are recognized for their fresh images and solid acting skills, such as Ryeoun (as Park Hoo-min), Choi Min-young (as Seo Joon-tae), and Lee Min-jae (as Go Hyun-tak). In addition, Yoo Soo-bin, who confronted Park Ji-hoon at the end of Season 1, will reappear in Season 2. Bae Na-ra (as Na Baek-jin) and Lee Joon-young (Geum Sung-je) are enemies against Park Ji-hoon and his friends must confront. They are expected to add colorful charms to the new story in which good and and evil coexist.

Weak Hero Class

Regarding the release on Netflix, “Weak Hero Class 2” production company said, “We are grateful to be able to respond to viewers’ requests of seeing the next story of Si-eun and his friends. This was possible because many people united and helped us. We will make a better drama to continue the popularity of the previous season”.

Directors Han Joon-hee and Yoo Soo-min shared, “I’m already excited to be with actors who have been captivating fans. I guess the filming set will be full of energy”, adding “Thanks to the great attention and love from viewers, we are able to be with you in the second season. I’m very happy. I hope I can finish filming with these great actors and staff in good physical and mental health.”

Source: Wikitree

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