This actor swung his fist at his brother-in-law which resulted in a monetary penalty

Actor Kim Dong-hyun (48), who played supporting roles in various dramas and movies, was fined for swinging his fist at his brother-in-law. 

According to the legal community, Kim Dong-hyun was briefly fined 2 million won in December last year for injuries, after hitting A (45), who is his brother-in-law, on the head and neck several times after visiting his home, threatening that he “gotta teach A a lesson.”

Kim Dong-hyun objected to the ruling and requested a formal trial, but withdrew his request for one only three days before the first trial on the Mar 11th.

When A protested against the construction carried out by the interior company Kim introduced, Kim Dong-hyun has made abusive and threatening remarks on the phone, saying, “I will go to your neighborhood and beat you up,” He was then accused of hitting A on the head and neck several times at 9 p.m. on August 19 last year.

Kim Dong-hyun

In this case, A was diagnosed with injuries such as cerebral hemorrhage, nasal fracture, and cervical sprain at the hospital. In addition, A is known to be receiving psychiatric treatment after he complained of having post-traumatic stress disorders such as depression and anxiety due to the shock caused by the assault incident. In addition to the allegations of injury, A further sued Kim Dong-hyun for intimidation and invasion of housing, and the police have sent the case to the prosecution in January.

A representative from A‘s side appealed, “Although the victim is a male, Kim knew that it was not easy for A to counterattack the assault because the victim suffered severe systemic arthritis due to a severe immune disease. Kim has committed merciless injury to the extent that A suffered from mental disorder right in front of his mother-in-law. A is having a hard time with anxiety and aftereffects of injury, worrying that Kim Dong-hyun may come to his house someday and attack him in retaliation. Nevertheless, Kim Dong-hyun is making it even more difficult for A as he does not reflect on himself, let alone apologize.”

Kim Dong-hyun

We have tried to make several phone calls to hear Kim Dong-hyun‘s position on this, but we could not reach him.

After debuting in the entertainment industry as Lotte’s exclusive model in 1994, Kim Dong-hyun gained recognition by appearing in various works such as dramas “The Maengs’ Golden Era”, “Cannot Hate You”, “Syndrome” and “Blue Tower Zero”. When appearing on an entertainment program in 2017, Kim Dong-hyun, who is also the second younger brother of actress Kim Hye-soo, once said, “I’m married, but I haven’t registered my marriage yet.”

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