A woman who received a cake and flowers sent by Jung Woo-sung… “I thought he was proposing to me”

The story of a woman who received a cake and flowers as a gift from actor Jung Woo-sung was revealed.

Jung Woo-sung, Lee Jung-jae and Jeon Hye-jin of the movie “Hunt” appeared on the web entertainment program “MMTG” released on July 30th.

The broadcast introduced the story of a woman who thought she was proposed to by Jung Woo-sung. The woman, who met Jung Woo-sung because of an interview, said, “The superiors only offered drinks and cakes to Jung Woo-sung. I was staring at the cake and he asked, ‘Do you want to eat it?’ I said I was ok but the next day, there were flowers and a big cake delivered to our company.”

She confessed, “I thought he was proposing to me.”

MC Jaejae also sympathized with the storyteller. She said, “It’s a proposal no matter who sees it. How can you go around and propose like this? There are a lot of people who think they’re married by themselves.”

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However, Jung Woo-sung explained, “When the actors do interviews, there are times when consideration is focused only on us. I think it was one of those scenes.” When Jeon Hye-jin said “But still, on the next day?”, Jung Woo-sung replied, “I know. Why did I do that?”

Jung Woo-sung’s beautiful story was also revealed on the show.

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An airline employee said, “I had to escort Jung Woo-sung to first class, but I kept him waiting for 15 minutes in the economy line. However, Jung Woo-sung told me, ‘Are you new? It is boring to wait. Can I tell you something fun?’ When he waited for 15 minutes and went in, he was like, ‘I will be back. Thank you for your help.'”

jung woo sung

Regarding this, Jung Woo-sung shared, “Since she is new, she wouldn’t have any experience and would be confused. That situation was not her fault. So instead of frowning at her or rushing her, I think I did that to make her calm.”

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