This “giant Asian baby” on German news is actually a “Running Man” member?

A lot of people were surprised to learn that this “Running Man” member used to be on the news due to his humongous size. 

Haha is the “Running Man” member with the most “humble” height, and he himself often jokes about it with friends and acquaintances. While his official profile records a height of 174 cm, Haha had his height measured for real on a TV program, and the resulting measurement came out to only 168 cm, which is 6 cm shorter. 

haha running man
Haha is the “Running Man” member with the most “humble” height
haha height
Haha’s real height was measured on an MBC program 

However, despite now boasting a rather small size, Haha weighed a whopping 4.9 kg and even had 2 front teeth when he was born. In fact, he was so big that his mother had to get a C-section, and Haha even made it to German news for being a “giant Asian baby”. 

Haha was born in Stuttgart, Germany. He later returned to Seoul, Korea with his family 

In “Running Man”, Haha is nicknamed as a child that refuses to grow up. He’s also a hardworking member that has never missed out on any filming day. Haha’s marriage is also admirable. It is known that he married singer Byul in 2012 after 8 months of dating, and the two are now happily raising 3 children. They also celebrated their 10-year marriage anniversary in November this year. 

haha byul
Haha and his wife, Byul
Haha- Byul daughter
Now the father of 3 children, Haha leads a happy life and works extremely hard to provide the best for his family

Source: k14

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