Lovely character… “Soundtrack #1” releases Han So-hee’s innocent still cuts

Actress Han So-hee heralded a lovely character.

Disney+’s original series “Soundtrack #1” (written by Ahn Sae-bom, directed by Kim Hee-won) unveiled Han So-hee’s still cuts for the first time on March 3rd. Han So-hee seemed to be immersed in her work regardless of time and place. After contemplating, she wrote down the lyrics that came to her mind in a notebook. Her innocent charm stood out. Han So-hee tied her hair up and wrote the lyrics. She also exuded her intellectual charm by wearing round glasses.

Soundtrack #1 Han So-hee still cuts

“Soundtrack #1” is a romantic music drama in which two men and women, who have been best friends for 20 years, get to know each other’s feelings while staying in the same house for 2 weeks. Han So-hee took on the role of Lee Eun-soo, who works as a lyricist to make a living. She is expected to showcase pleasant, straightforward and candid actions.

Soundtrack #1 Han So-hee still cuts

Han So-hee mainly showed her strong acting in her previous works “My Name” and “The World of the Married”. This time, she will convey a lovely and bubbly charm. The production team praised Han So-hee for always showing a bright and lovely side like Lee Eun-soo on the set. They shared, “In addition to Han So-hee’s lively charm, you will be able to confirm her rich sensitivity and delicate expressiveness to match the character who is a lyricist.”

Soundtrack #1 Han So-hee still cuts

“Soundtrack #1” will be released exclusively on Disney+ next month. PD Kim Hee-won of “Money Flower”, “The Crowned Clown” and “Vincenzo” directed this work.

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