BTS Jungkook’s Auctioned Benz ‘G-bagen’ Becomes Invalid, Re-listed as a Used Car for 600 Million Won

BTS Jungkook's Auctioned Benz 'G-bagen' Becomes Invalid

About a year ago, a vehicle owned by BTS member Jungkook, which had been auctioned off for 1.2 billion won on an online auction site, has resurfaced as a used car listing. It was reported that the auction itself became invalid, rather than the winner putting the vehicle up for sale due to personal reasons.

On the 8th, a sales post for a ‘Benz 3rd generation G63 AMG Edition,’ known as ‘G-bagen,’ was posted on the cyber mart board of the used car trading site, Bobaedream. This vehicle is a limited edition trim that was sold for 239.6 million won when it was released in Korea.


This car garnered attention when it was auctioned at a Seoul auction in December 2022. It was reported that Jungkook purchased the vehicle in September 2019 under his own name and owned it for over two years before transferring it to a collector. Although the starting bid at the auction was 150 million won, it was finally auctioned off for 1.2 billion won.

About three and a half months after the auction, the vehicle appeared on Bobaedream in March of last year. Some reports followed that the owner of the vehicle, who won the auction, put it up for sale due to personal reasons.

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And now, about eleven months later, it has reappeared on Bobaedream for sale again. The seller has set the desired selling price at 600 million won.

Mr. Kim, the dealer who listed the vehicle on Bobaedream, explained in a conversation with Wikitree, “It is known that the auction itself became invalid for someone whose identity could not be confirmed,” and “Now, the vehicle is owned by the company.”

The vehicle’s information states that it has “been driven only 13,000 km, has no accidents, and has been neatly maintained both internally and externally.”

Source: wikitree

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