LØREN is a longtime fan of BIGBANG, shares experience of working with BLACKPINK

BIGBANG and BLACKPINK are two significant inspirations for LØREN in pursuing a singing career, according to a recent video.

Before officially debuting as a solo singer in 2020, LØREN was a DJ and music producer under The Black Label, an agency founded by famous K-pop producer TEDDY. He used various stage names such as DJ Boid and Cawlr, however, it wasn’t until he starred in BLACKPINK‘s “Lovesick Girls” MV that LØREN began to gain more recognition. In addition, the young artist participated in composing some of the group’s songs, such as “You Never Know,” “Pretty Savage,” and “Lovesick Girls.”


In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, LØREN shared his experience collaborating with BLACKPINK on the “Lovesick Girls” project. According to LØREN, BLACKPINK needed Korean lyrics that fit well with the original version of the song, and he really helped in the process. 


At the same time, LØREN also admitted he is a BLINK and working with the group was a fantastic opportunity. According to LØREN, working with BLACKPINK and interacting with them musically felt like a dream, as he got to talk live with Rosé, as well as sit in the studio alongside BLACKPINK and listen to their stories. 

LØREN also revealed that BIGBANG strongly inspires his artistry. According to the male artist, he has always been a big fan of BIGBANG and he still listens to their music a lot. He even rewatches BIGBANG’s MVs and tries to take note of what makes them special.

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On the other hand, LØREN recently released an EP titled “Put Up a Fight” on March 24th. The EP continues to feature rock as the main theme, and consists of 5 songs composed and produced by LØREN himself. Previously, LØREN has released singles that garnered millions of streams, such as “NEED (ooo-eee),” “Empty Trash,” and “All My Friends Are Turning Blue.”

LØREN’s EP “Put Up a Fight” is available on various music streaming platforms.

Source: Billboard

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