LOONA is in danger of disbanding as the group’s management company is facing financial difficulties

Blockberry Creative, LOONA’s management company, is currently facing economic difficulties and owes the money to many employees and partners.

Recently, Korean media reported that LOONA’s management company Blackberry Creative is currently facing financial difficulties. According to an industry representative, the company is currently unable to pay for many of the companies it has worked with. These unpaid amounts amounting to hundreds of millions of KRW.

Many businesses and employees have not been paid by Blockberry Creative for months. The units in charge of hairdressing, makeup, and stylist recently received a notice of shutdown from the company. The production of the album was also difficult due to the immature management of the company.

According to many industry officials, Blockberry Creative’s financial difficulties have been going on for quite some time. Specifically, it was reported that the salaries and expenses of the company’s employees, including those for insurance, were delayed for several months.

Blockberry Creative is working to ameliorate financial difficulties but has yet to find an easy solution. Many people worry that the company’s financial problems may affect LOONA’s future activities.

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