Lisa’s Staggering Instagram Earnings Leave Fans in Awe

Lisa’s (BLACKPINK) income per Instagram post leaves the public in awe

As one of the world’s famous and talented artists in the entertainment industry, Lisa from (BLACKPINK) is not only a music icon but also a person with a powerful influence on social media.

Lisa’s official Instagram account has nearly 100 million followers. This number places the BLACKPINK member on the list of the most influential female stars on Instagram alongside Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. The idol also holds more than dozens of posts with millions of likes, leading among Asian artists.

The reason Lisa maintains such a strong allure on this social media platform is not only due to her fame with BLACKPINK or her solo music career but also because of her impressive fashion sense and unmatched charisma.

According to inBeat, an Instagram performance evaluation tool, Lisa’s estimated income per post on this platform is staggering.

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Specifically, a commercial post can bring the BLACKPINK maknae an estimated amount ranging from $918,000 to $1.25 million USD, while a story may generate from $459,000 to $621,000 USD, and a reel could yield from $1.2 million to $1.62 million for the “Money” singer. These are just estimated figures, but they truly showcase Lisa’s influence and attraction on social media.

Previously, Lisa was the only K-pop artist to be listed in the “2023 Instagram Rich List” by Hopper HQ.

According to Social Media Gold’s analysis, the price for a post on Lisa’s Instagram account is estimated to be up to $575,000 USD. This substantial amount is analyzed based on the rate per Lisa’s post, suitable for the widespread and continuously increasing follower count on the social media account that the idol possesses.

Source: K14, inBeat

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