Lim Si-wan Explained Why Lee Byung-hun Was Uncomfortable With Him

Lim Si-wan revealed about his visit to senior Lee Byung-hun’s house

Actor Lim Si-wan appeared as a guest in a video on the YouTube channel “Zzanbro Shin Dong-yeop,” which was released on the afternoon of November 30th.

In this video, host Shin Dong-yeop had a talk about various topics with the actor. His personality was also a topic of conversation.

Lee Byung-hun recently appeared on a variety program and recalled inviting Lim Si-wan to have a meal with him some time. Lim Si-wan later directly came to Lee’s house to pay a visit. Regarding this, Lim Si-wan said, “I think that’s my personality. I don’t think it’s easy for me to distinguish (polite invitations and real invitations),” he said.

im si wan

Lim Si-wan added, “So he must have been actually a little uncomfortable with me. I didn’t even know then. I heard and knew this from the people around me. He was uncomfortable with me.” he said, drawing attention. Shin Dong-yeop commented, “He didn’t expect you would come.”

Lim Si-wan then said, “Lee Byung-hun is the one who gave me the right answer of how to be an actor,” adding, “He asked me to have a meal with him? Then I would go right away. Whether he actually meant it doesn’t matter to me,” drawing attention.

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