Lim Ji Yeon talked IRL friendship with “The Glory” actors who play the perpetrators, “We spent Christmas together” 

Actress Lim Ji Yeon boasted real chemistry with actors who played the perpetrators together with her in “The Glory”. 

Lim Ji Yeon appeared in a video uploaded to the YouTube channel of Vogue Korea on March 3rd. In the video, she reviewed key scenes in the Netflix drama “The Glory” and gave comments.

Lim Ji Yeon, who played the main villain Park Yeon Jin, Moon Dong Eun’s (Song Hye Kyo) biggest villain in “The Glory”, drew attention when sharing Instagram posts with Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon), Lee Sa Ra (Kim Hieora), Choi Hye Jeong (Cha Joo Young), and Son Myung Oh (Kim Gun Woo). They show off their friendship by calling each other by their characters’ names in the drama.

Regarding this, Lim Ji Yeon said, “I think many people think that we started to fool around on Instagram after the drama started to air, but we always called each other Jae Joon, Hye Jeong, Myeong Oh, Sa Ra, like that. We were always the characters. We were already immersed during filming, and that’s how we became close.”


Lim Ji Yeon singled out actress Cha Joo Young, in the role of Choi Hye Jung, as the member who was particularly sincere in her over-immersion, and she laughed out loud, saying, “She is serious about ‘The Glory’.”

Lim Ji Yeon said, “We are really close friends, so we are constantly chatting in the chat room. We spent the last days of 2022 together, and we also spent Christmas together. We are all so happy that ‘The Glory’ did so well.”

Source: Nate

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