TREASURE’s web drama reached unexpected popularity with first episode

YG boygroup TREASURE’s web drama “The Mysterious Class” is drawing attention with its terrifying popularity amid favorable reviews from global fans.

According to YG Entertainment on November 13th, TREASURE‘s web drama “The Mysterious Class” reached nearly 1 million views in about half a day since it was released at 10 p.m. the previous day. In terms of the number of views alone, TREASURE’s drama is comparable to the most popular web dramas amid the explosive growth of the domestic web drama industry. TREASURE, who swept the 2020 K-pop Rookie of the Year awards, has once again proved their infinite potential.

TREASURE The Mysterious Class

Analysts say the well-made web drama was created by TREASURE members’ better-than-expected acting skills, tight composition, and solid directing. In fact, the first episode of “The Mysterious Class” exudes a chilling aura from the beginning of the first episode, which goes with its mystery high-teen thriller genre. In the drama, an unknown being responded to the “Bunshinsaba” (a kind of curse) order, while an unconscious homeroom teacher was found in the hallway, which chilled viewers.

TREASURE The Mysterious Class

The heart-racing development filled “The Mysterious Class.” After learning that the official number of the class was 20, not 21, Do-young said, “Someone suspicious is among us,” raising tension by announcing the existence of a ghost. When everyone was in chaos, a creepy voice came out of Bang Ye-dam’s tablet PC. The lyrics of a song that goes “I’m Left Alone” are repeatedly played. Viewers’ curiosity about the future story has been raised to the fullest.

TREASURE The Mysterious Class

Immediately after the first broadcast, fans’ responses are flooding in. Fans around the world are having a debate about the identity of the ghost along with praise for the drama in various languages, saying, “Not only the acting but also the quality is perfect,” and “As a fan and a drama lover, I was touched.”

In addition, the second episode will continue to be posted on social media and communities where a large number of K-pop fans are active. As the first episode has just been unveiled, the popular sensation is expected to intensify when new episodes are released in the future.

TREASURE The Mysterious Class

The web drama “The Mysterious Class” tells the story of students in the same class doubting each other to find a disguising ghost. It consists of a total of eight episodes and is released every Friday night at 10 p.m. on TREASURE’s YouTube channel.

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