SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Heavily Injured to the point of Military Exemption, Does This Mean No More Dancing?

S.Coups, the leader of SEVENTEEN, is announced to have received military exemption due to his heavy injury, worrying fans. 

On the morning of March 1st, Korean media simultaneously reported that SEVENTEEN’s leader, S.Coups, was exempted from military service due to health issues. 

Meanwhile, previously in August 2023, Pledis Entertainment announced that S.Coups would temporarily halt activities after suffering from an injury while filming a group content.

Particularly, the male idol was diagnosed with an ACL tear (Cruciate Ligament Rupture) in his left knee, requiring surgical treatment. As of now, S.Coups has not participated in SEVENTEEN‘s schedules for 7 months. During this time, the male idol frequently shared his health recovery process, comforting fans.


Stopping activities for 7 months during a period when SEVENTEEN achieved many new milestones in their career, fans somewhat anticipated that S.Coups’ injury was extremely severe. In the latter half of 2023, SEVENTEEN embarked on the Asia Tour “Follow,” promoted their 11th mini-album “Seventeenth Heaven”, appeared on the TV show “Nana Tour”, and swept numerous awards ceremonies. 

Occasionally, S.Coups appeared at important events, but only silently observed the other members or at most gave a speech. The thoughtful image of the leader inevitably saddened fans.

S.Coups gave a speech when SEVENTEEN won a Daesang at the 2023 MAMA Awards 
S.Coups gave a speech when SEVENTEEN won a Daesang at the 2023 MAMA Awards 

Recently, Pledis announced to fans that both S.Coups and fellow member Jeonghan would return to activities after a period of health recovery. Their first schedule is the Follow Encore concert in Seoul on March 29th. It was during the same time, however, that S.Coups’ military exemption was announced.  

As a result, fans could not rejoice about S.Coups’ return nor his military exemption, but instead felt sorrowful while thinking about the leader’s injury. As the Korean military doesn’t easily hand out exemptions, S.Coups’ injury must be quite serious for such a decision to be made. 

SEVENTEEN’s S-Coups dance
SEVENTEEN’s S-Coups dance
SEVENTEEN’s S-Coups dance

On online forums, K-netizens and fans alike are showing worries about the conditions of S.Coups, especially as ACL can leave life-long physical effects and if serious, can be considered a career-ending injury. 

Additionally, SEVENTEEN is a dance powerhouse, dubbed the “most synchronized group in K-pop.” The group’s choreography is complex and challenging, ranking at the top of K-pop. Their dances require leg strength, powerful movements, and decisiveness. 

Before the injury, S.Coups often took on impressive dance segments, requiring endurance and high physical fitness. However, his injury roused worries that he may not be able to dance again. 

On the other hand, S.Coups has been sharing about his recovery and disclosed that he is gradually returning to dancing, even confessing to fans about the difficulty of SEVENTEEN’s latest choreography. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • So, does this mean he can’t dance anymore?
  • I heard it’s not easy to be exempted from military service. If he’s exempted, does that mean he can’t dance anymore…? This is an injury that is known to have life-long effects
  • The injury must be very serious for him to be exempted.
  • So he can’t dance anymore…? SEVENTEEN’s choreography is very demanding.
  • SEVENTEEN is famous for extremely intense dance routines, and he’s exempted from military service? Can he still dance? It must be very serious.
  • Whether he enlists or not, I’m still very worried. It seems like a very serious injury.
  • To the extent of being exempted from military service… Is he okay?
  • It’s very difficult to get exemptions now… The injury must be really bad.
  • S.Coups must be the saddest one to receive such news 

Source: K14, theqoo

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