“Being without a company…” 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun revealed her honest feelings

Former 4minute member and actress Nam Ji Hyun has found a new “nest”. 

Nam Ji-hyun, a former member of the group 4minute, has found a new nest.

On August 8th, Nam Ji Hyun posted on her Instagram the caption: “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I spent the last year without a company, thinking a lot about how I should live and what kind of actor I should become. It was the first time I worked without a company since my debut at the age of 20, and there were a lot of reflections and lessons I learned.”

nam ji hyun

The idol-actress then announced her new “nest” by tagging the official SNS account of entertainment agency Urban Works and saying: “I hope I can be a good influence now that I’m active again. Thank you.”

Nam Ji Hyun also released a new photo of herself, where she exuded a pure yet captivating atmosphere with light makeup and a floral dress.

nam ji hyun

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • I’m always cheering for you 
  • You have worked really hard 
  • I hope that only good things will happen in the future 
  • From now on, only walk on the flower path 
  • I hope everything goes well with your new agency
  • It would be nice from now

Earlier on the same day, Urban Works announced that it has signed an exclusive contract with Nam Ji Hyun, stating: “Based on her experience so far, Nam Ji Hyun will show you various aspects and colors, regardless of genre and field.”


Nam Ji Hyun debuted in the Kpop girl group 4minute in 2009, and made her acting debut in 2017. Ever since, she has starred in various works, rousing attention to her future moves as an artist under Urban Works.”

Source: wikitree

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