BTS V Makes Surprise Appearance at Close Friend Park Hyo Shin’s Fan Meeting

BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) attended singer Park Hyo Shin’s fan meeting and showed his loyalty.

According to OSEN’s investigation on the 9th, V surprised everyone by being a special guest at Park Hyo Shin’s fan meeting held in Olympic Park in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, on this day.

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According to insiders, V took the time to attend Park Hyo Shin’s fan meeting even on his day off to show his support for Park Hyo Shin, who was hosting a fan meeting after a long time. Furthermore, he joined Park Hyo Shin on stage and even participated in a group mission, demonstrating their strong friendship. Park Hyo Shin also mentioned V’s recent release of his solo album, “Layover,” and exchanged words of support.

V and Park Hyo Shin are already known as close friends in the music industry. V, a member of the globally renowned idol group, and Park Hyo Shin, a representative vocalist in Korea, formed a bond through their common interest in music and have built a strong friendship. In particular, last September, when Park Hyo Shin filled in as a special DJ for MBC Radio’s “Starry Night” in place of lyricist Kim I-na, V joined him as a special DJ for two days.

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Furthermore, through Park Hyo Shin, V also became friends with actor Kang Dong Won. In May of last year, after concluding BTS’s White House event in the United States, V arrived in Korea earlier to attend the premiere of the movie “Broker,” in which Kang Dong Won appeared. Since then, Park Hyo Shin and V have continued to share their close friendship on stage, warming the hearts of their fans.

Meanwhile, V is currently active with his solo album “Layover,” and Park Hyo Shin will continue to meet with fans through his fan concert “Park Hyo Shin STPD 2023 GOING HOME” on the 10th.

Source: daum

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